Fine Wine by the Ounce

Can you imagine such a thing?  You are at your favourite restaurant and you can enjoy premium wines by the glass from a tap on the bar.  Yup.  It’s the handle right beside the CRAFT brewery tap.  A strange idea?  No.  It’s just something that we are not familiar – yet.  Why do it?  Bottom line is that we want all wine lovers to be able to enjoy excellent wines by the glass while at their peak of perfection.  In “regular” wines by the glass service, you take a bit of a risk.  You may get a glass from a bottle that was just opened (good) OR a bottle that has been opened for a few days (not so good).  Unfortunately with the old way of doing things it has to be this way.  If the wine you ordered is not popular or if a bottle is opened at the end of the night for just one or two glasses, the restaurateur has no choice but to keep the opened bottle (as best they can and they do work on that) to offer the next day or day(s) after.  Imagine the expense/waste of pouring out partially empty bottles on a regular basis?  Still, restaurants want to offer wines by the glass as it gives you great single glass choices (hopefully), provides responsible service (not just pushing bottles) and it is a very popular feature of any restaurant.  With keg and tap wine, the first glass out of the keg is exactly the same as the last.  Nitrogen is used to push the wine out of the keg (gentle and inert) and as such, with this closed system, the wine stays at the same quality level.  You never have to worry.  Plus, I have not even mentioned the positive environmental effects with keging high volume quality wines.  The kegs are stainless steel and completely (almost infinitely) recyclable (cleaned and refilled at the winery).  Far, far less packaging is used AND we don’t have all the handling of empty bottles to be recycled.  Those “green” points are just for openers.  As a practical example, places like Skwish (Leslieville and the Beaches) have a great wine-on-tap offering plus wines by the ounce, and another of Vineland’s valued customers, The Drake One Fifty offers Vineland on tap exclusively with the private blend “Fat Banker” (Chardonnay and Cab Merlot) as the best value on their “wines by the glass” list.  Patrons love the perfect single serve quality and the great pricing.  And as you can tell from “Fat Banker”, our keg offering allows us to build even stronger bonds with the restaurants that serve Vineland wines through private blends.  The photos here show cellar man Phil with the specialized equipment that we use to keg our premium wines.  If I may…please do me a favour and ask for keg wines at the establishments you frequent.  You’ll either get a fresher glass of wine and if they don’t offer the service, please tell them to call us.  As with all things “new” (it actually has been around for years now…but you know that things change slowly) it needs involved opinion leaders like yourselves to really make a break through.  Here’s to quality wines by the glass at their peak.  Hmmmm, sounds delicious to me!  🙂

Cheers, David