Flying High with Our White Wine

Alerted by one of our valued wine club members from Manitoba who just flew Air Canada from London back to his home province, I am reminded to let you know that Air Canada now serves Vineland Estates Wine as one of their white wine offerings.  Our wine club member immediately saw our “Vineyard Select” on the wine list and said he just had to try it.   Now, he is a Red Wine Only wine club member, but he was so impressed to see our wine on Air Canada that he enjoyed a glass of the Vineland white on his flight.  He told us that it tasted great and that he was really excited to see a brand he loves on the airline. So, the next time you fly Air Canada, be sure to ask for the Vineland Estates Vineyard Select and you too can join the Vineland Estates mile high club!  Wait, what?  No, no….drinking Vineland wine while a mile up in the air.  What were you thinking? 🙂

Cheers, David

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I too had the same experience but live in the US. Can you tell me if it’s possible to get this wine in the States and if so, how?

Wyndham Deere


Please tell me what is the closest of your products (to Vineyard Select) that can be obtained at the Vineland estates winery. The fellows employed there had little idea that the wine actually exists !!



Oh no, sorry about that! The Vineyard Select was a specific blend exclusively to Air Canada which means that it would have been shipped out as soon as bottling was complete. The majority of our front line staff would not have had the chance to taste it since it was not available in our Wineshop or Restaurant. The wine that would closely resemble the Vineyard Select would be our Game Changer White which is available at most LCBO stores and at our Wineshop.

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