The Room You Always Wanted in Your Home

We want you to think of Vineland Estates Winery as an extension of your home when you want entertain a larger group but still in an intimate setting – plus NO dishes or clean up!  🙂  I recently took that to an extreme when we hosted my daughter’s 13th birthday party in the Carriage House.  My Katharyn is in the red parrot onesie!  🙂   Believe it or not four young women were happily entertained for over 6 hours at the winery without even one drop of wine involved.  Imagine that!  Now imagine that you can enjoy wine as well!!  (aka you are over 19 years of age  🙂  )  Often guests think that the “little stone building” between the the restaurant and wineshop/winery is a chapel.  It’s actually an extension of your dining or living room!  What?  It is 600 square feet of stone-lined intimate entertaining space, and it is most certainly NOT a hall.  It is much more intimate than that.  We want it to be an extension of your home entertaining.  Now, we do host many weddings in the Carriage House and sometimes up to five weddings on a busy weekend, but it does not end there.  We can host the ceremony plus the reception but not in “typical, cookie-cutter” wedding style.  We always aim for an elegant celebration within an idyllic setting and a dinner, sideboard or lunch to rival the best cuisine you have ever had!  The food and wine experience is basically identical to dining in our “World’s Top Twenty” restaurant in the building beside.  With a total capacity of 56 seated you know your event will be personal.  Everything is served table side by seasoned professionals and every whim is noted.  As and added bonus, revelers also have a full functioning winery at their fingertips for fun.  Now, sometimes that means a bit of hustle bustle nearby as grapes are harvested in the fall, but it is real.  Wines are starting their “life” as couples begin theirs!  I should also note that the space is ideal for corporate events, themed meals, family functions and general parties.  As long as it is intimate, we can do it.  So, I will admit that a “kids party” (please don’t tell Katharyn I called it that) is a bit of stretch, but it was intimate and it was FUN!  OMG….my little girl is a teenager!!  Ahhhhhhhhh!  🙂

Cheers, David