Scratch Beats All!

No pre-pack bags are ever opened in the Vineland Estates Winery Restaurant.  Everything (and I literally do mean everything) is made from scratch.  Your mother (or perhaps grandmother) would be very comfortable cooking in our restaurant kitchen and would recognize all the ingredients available.  Now, the pace and the operation of the professional equipment might be foreign to them, but the way things are made would be completely familiar.  We start with the best ingredients that we can source and then we start.  Sometimes people have allergies or food intolerances and we can accommodate.  As everything is made from scratch, we can eliminate the ingredient that would cause issues at the time of preparation.  All good.  To drive the point home, we even make our own preserves.  When everything locally grown is bountiful, fresh and at the peak of deliciousness, we kick into high gear and preserve for the days when the local bounty dries up.  Our chefs show creativity in the preserves they make and have been having fun this winter presenting them on the plates we put out.  Please notice how fancy we are with our canning.  The premium labeling is done with masking tape and a sharpie!!  Obviously, these jars never see the public (although the contents are much enjoyed by the public) ….so I though I’d give you an “insider’s view”.   These racks are in the basement of our restaurant (the original cellar of our heritage home).   Again, mom and grandma would be right at home!

Cheers, David