Germany Is Waiting

Interested in discovering the “inside story” of German wine making and wine culture in Germany with a river cruise ship full of like minded people?  We have organized an amazing trip starting April 6th, 2019…..yes, 2019!!  It takes that long to secure a premium cruise boat and arrange such a venture….especially when you take over an entire cruise ship!  182 Vineland Estates Winery Wine Club Members and their friends and family will be on a premium (Emerald) Mosel River Cruise in the spring of 2019 for 8 memorable days.  It’s an all inclusive trip (“all inclusive” means on-shore excursions, all tips (on and off shore), taxes and port fees, all alcohol, and the list goes on).  We literally wanted it so you could leave your wallet at home.  If you want to buy gifts, spa treatments or perhaps a coffee in one of the German towns…OK, you’ll have to pay for that, otherwise, it is included.  Even more rare is a private party that St. Urbans-Hof Winery (Nik Weis) – Vineland Estate’s European “mother” – is putting on for the whole ship at the winery.  It’s our “back to our roots” tour and the 40th anniversary of the planting of our Niagara vineyard.  There will be many stops along the way (mostly wine and food related) and we will end up in Amsterdam for a full night’s stay so we may enjoy this historic and important port town.  To register for this once-in-a-lifetime trip, all you need to be is a wine club member.  It will be a very memorable and unique trip and we hope one of the best you will every enjoy.  All inclusive cruise rates per person run from $3895 CDN to $6500 CDN depending on the cabin chose AND a bonus if you book by November 30th, round trip airfare is ONLY $495 per person (major carriers like KLM, Air Canada, etc.).  You can see that this is a premium, custom trip at truly great prices.  We wanted it to be this way for our wine club family.  For all of the details, please contact Carol or Rhian (travel professionals in charge of the business end – AND wine club members to boot), at 416-367-8264 ext 2213 or

Cheers, David

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