Glamorous Winemaking!

You can just smell the success!  In the air there is cow with a touch of pig and just a soupcon of chicken.  🙂  Remember that I wrote that we are “farmers first”?  Do you need further proof?  We are currently (gently) fertilizing a part of the St. Urban Vineyard.  It is that time of year but it is not “that time of year” for ALL parts of our vineyards.  We are very, very thrifty with our fertilization program.  Now why would we be “cheaping out” on uhhh…..well, uhhh poop?  🙂  It’s not the expense.  Hey, you almost get the stuff for free! (budum-bump! (rim-shot))  🙂  We want the vineyard soils to be healthy but not TOO healthy.  There needs to be a little nutrient stress.  Why?  Well, vines get “lazy” about fruit production when everything is in abundance.  Vines need to “think” that the end times are near so they will put their energy into grapes and NOT vine production.  If the vines are a little stressed (severe pruning as we do and “poorish” soils) then they think of reproduction (grapes) instead of growth (vines).  Heck, they “think” they are dying and we can trick them every year!  Now a perfectly fertilized and watered vine will happily grow lots of vine but will do a minimal job on the grapes.  That certainly does not suit our purposes.  We want all of the summer energy to go into the grapes with just enough left over to have the vine survive the winter.  It’s a delicate balance.  So, we do need to fertilize but certainly not every year and in fact many years can pass depending upon the specific area of the vineyard.  So, we rotate the areas that receive the manure and we always use well rotted manure so excess nitrogen and nutrients do not get applied.  Yes, the picture of the spreader in operation is a stock photo.  What, do you think that I was going to get that close to capture THAT photo?  It is just for demonstration purposes.  I am not that much a farmer!  🙂  Now on my photo search I saw the helicopter spreader pic shown here.  I had to laugh….frost protection while spreading the “love” (ha, ha, ha).  Then I thought….this is just wrong with &%# raining from the skies!?!  🙂  Can you imagine?  (shudder)

Cheers, David

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