Just Like Home

May 30, 2016

Tower workSometimes a winery is just like home……well, kinda.  We need to put a new roof on our tower.  You know what it is like when it’s time for a new roof.  It’s not a pretty process and it is very expensive.   Just imagine if your roof had a “break-neck” pitch and it was over 65 feet in the air!  This is not a job for a weekend-warrior.  In fact, there are few companies that can even attempt such a job.  We needed to employ both a scaffolding company and a high lift crane just to get started.  Plus, we needed to bring down the cupola that was perched upon the top of the tower before anything could happen.  The cupola doesn’t look that big from the ground but it is nearly 20 feet tall including the weather vane.  It was quite the operation to grind off the heads of the bolts that had held it in place through countless storms for almost 20 years.  With the heads gone Tower work 4it still did not want to let go as the crane strained to lift it off its moorings.  We explored, deliberated and then realized that it was just the metal burrs from the grinding that were holding things up.  So, a little persuasion from a sledge hammer and a pry bar or two had the cupola freed for its decent back down to terraferma.  It was astounding to see the countless layers of nesting within the cupola.  It was like an archeological dig exposing 20 years!  Now, the really hard work begins.  As you have perhaps struggled with this question at home…will it be shingles or steel?  If you’ve ever considered these options you’ll know the allure of steel and its longevity but the price will make you choke!  Well, with the issue 65 feet in the air, there really is no choice.  It has to be steel.  This ensures that the issue of a new roof in the future will be for another group of people who are probably just being born!  🙂  This leads me to the question of why we used shingles back in the late 90s when the tower was built.  We were all here.  We had the option.  Didn’t we think that THIS day would come?  Oh yeah, we were paying for a multi-million dollar building expansion at the time.  We were watching the very tight budget.  Hmmmm, I guess wineries ARE very much like home! 🙂

Cheers, David