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david-hulleyFollow me here for soulful musings, inside stories, education and with any luck entertainment on great wine, food and the inner workings of our winery. I warmly welcome you to tune in frequently and join me on this journey as we journal the sights, sounds, tastes and heart of “the life of a cherished place” – the people, the vineyard, the winery and the culinary spirit.
Cheers, David

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Sometimes You Need the “Old”

When you see wooden baskets (not even the standard orange plastic "luggers") splayed out in a vineyard it takes you ...
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New and Old When Needed

Most of the time it is "new".  What a beautiful sight to see a high tech grape harvester straddling a ...
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Harvest 2017 is Here!

Harvest has officially started today with the arrival of some early picked Riesling from Field A of our St. Urban ...
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All that Shines!

We really do get excited about new stainless steel around here.  Just today we installed 6 new 20,000 liter tanks ...
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Germany Is Waiting

Interested in discovering the "inside story" of German wine making and wine culture in Germany with a river cruise ship ...
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What Summer Should Be

No rain!  What a perfect summer's day with sunshine, puffy clouds and a light breeze.  What should you do with ...
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