Making Room

What is summer like in the cellars?  Noisy!!  The clatter and clang of the bottling line is a common sound all summer long.  The wines from the 2016 harvest have been and are now coming to maturation and are ready for the bottle.  Good thing.  We need the space!  Yes, we are already thinking about the fall and the new harvest.  As it stands, it looks as though it will be a nice calm growing season and (fingers crossed) a calm, stretched out harvest, meaning that grapes will start to arrive around the middle of September and keep coming until the beginning of November.  Now mid September may seem a long way off right now, but we know that the time will be upon us before we know it.  Looking at the immature grape cluster pictured here (grapes are the size of peas at the moment) cradled in grape leaf, again  you might not be too concerned about time.  Well, to get our annual production of approximately 55,000 cases into the bottle, it does take keen organization and planning.  In that same vein guests often ask about the cycle of the cellars.  OK it’s pretty simple.  Fill up the tanks in the fall and make sure they are empty by the time the next fall comes around.  Yes, we may divert a bit of wine to barrels so they can mature longer than 10-12 months, but that is only for some Elevation and Reserve wines….and I am talking red generally.  So, those little grapes you are looking at are growing and maturing every day in the beautiful summer sun and we are, as quickly as we can, making them space in the winery to let the grapes take the next step in their evolution – wine!  Today we are bottling the 2016 Game Changer Red (the Pioneers) from those “skyscrapers” of empty bottles (pictured on pallets wrapped in shrink plastic).  Now the 2016 is not ready for release.  it needs some time in the bottle to be ready for your glass, but in the meantime we have the 2015 Game Changer Red (the Railway Man) on the shelves and ready to serve. 🙂

Cheers, David

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