Ontario Peaches Have Arrived!

Is there anything better than a fresh, summer peach cobbler?  I just had one at our restaurant and WOW!  You just cannot beat fresh Ontario peaches in the hands of our talented pastry chefs.  And yes, we do have a from-scratch pastry department at the restaurant.  Many people are often surprised that we make EVERYTHING from scratch here at the winery.  Still, having tasted the food they acknowledge that cuisine as good as ours could never come out of a bag!  We love controlling the process direct from the farm.  In that way we can choose the specific farm and the specific peak products before we even get cooking.  A Chef can only be as good as their ingredients and our team, lead by Chef Justin Downes are sticklers for detail and insist on (and continually seek) the best.  Yesterday, I had the privilege of dining in our restaurant with a widely published French travel writer from just north of Paris.  He took many pictures and was blown away by the quality of our food.  The lunch conversation was orgy of “what is delicious on this planet”!  I love foodies plus those who love wine. 🙂  Just to entice you a little more, here are a few items from our current menu.  Well, as I have noted, the steak tartar on crispy chicken is something to dream about.  The mussels were approved by a native Nova Scotian, “the broth has JUST enough complexity to make it interesting but it does not overpower the mussels!”  The duck confit with blueberries is memorable.  The perfectly salty rich duck meat and crispy skin (traditionally cured in its own fat) is balanced by the fruit and acidity of the blueberries.  Yumm!  Join us at the restaurant and taste them for yourselves.

Cheers, David

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