It’s an ancient love affair in the glass. In their youth many hundreds of years ago, these grape varieties “grew up” side by side in the vineyards of Bordeaux. It was the Romans who were the first to realize the passionate synergy within these grapes. They have a desire to be blended together. The Cabernet provides the sturdy frame and virility while the Merlot provides the softness to tame and round out the Cabernet. Warm, summer berry and a hint of cedar leads this wine out of the glass while a slight whisper of spice remains. On the plate, the blend delivers a pleasant roundness and a bright acidity that makes it perfect to entice a food partner. Happy together, they should make you happy with every sip.

  • VQA Niagara Peninsula
  • 49.9% Merlot, 26.3% Cabernet Sauvignon, 23.8% Cabernet Franc
  • Alcohol: 12.5%
  • Dry
  • Oak Treatment: 6 months
  • Drinking Through: 2024+
  • Service Temp: 16 – 18 ºC