Premiere Release – 10 Years in the Making
100% Cabernet Franc Clone 214 – Legacy Block Vineyard 

Bottled exclusively in 1.5 litre (magnum) bottles 

Only 639 1.5L bottles produced for the 2021 release 

This complex, soulful and perpetual wine was initiated ten years ago to celebrate our historical passion for Cabernet Franc and its exquisite taste of place at Vineland Estates Winery. As with all great pursuits, original ideas grow, adapt and evolve with time. Our choice to continually and fractionally blend all vintages for the yearly, portioned bottlings is an expression of that meaningful evolution, anthology and our belief in the future. 

Unique Type of Offering 

• “Infinity Vintage” (there is no one specific vintage for each bottling) 

Due to our constant blending of vintages, every single harvest from our small Legacy Block of Cabernet Franc is represented in each bottle. Since the establishment of the Legacy Block vineyard (2010), all wines from that modestly sized site have been fermented, refined and collected together. The result is a magnificent blend of every vintage year. 

Starting with this Premiere Release (2021), we only draw off enough of the multiple vintage blend to leave behind precisely1800 litres (three 600 litre barrels (called Demi-Muid)) for future blending. Generations ahead of us will revel in the fact that they will be able to drink all of our Legacy vintage years in one glass. This wine is an eternal story of our passion – our legacy. 

• Legacy Block is within the Bo-Teek Vineyard of Vineland Estates Winery 

The Legacy Block is located on the lower (northern) second bench and is just a few hundred meters from the crush pad of the winery. This small and preciously rare south facing slope is just less than one acre. Given that this unique plot is naturally tilted towards the sun, it truly benefits from the extra energy. In addition, the significant change in elevation of the Legacy Block makes it naturally well drained removing excess water that hinders both vine health and grape development. It also boasts deep Oneida clay soils over limestone and shale below. This soil stratum offers balanced moisture retention and an enviable access to an array of essential minerals for the vines.