Alcohol free Rosé wines are much more delicate than the whites, but have a little higher potential to amaze people who are seeking a great summer wine. Various red varietals of the region were used to create the ideal taste. It is a nice example of a gentle de-alcoholization and shows how close the gap can be when it comes to a comparison with a “real Rosé wine”. The taste is clean and fresh with notes of pale strawberries, raspberry, rosehip and grapefruit with a lively acidity. The finish is dry and relatively long. Of course, an alcohol-free wine never will give the same depth, structure and weight as a wine with alcohol, but this Rosé is extremely close to it and it is simply an alcohol free wine tasting like wine. Impressive.
This alcohol free Rosé will pair well with fresh summer salads, pasta and Mediterranean style poultry.

  •  N.V.
  •  Pinot Noir
  •  Germany
  •  Rüdesheim
  •  Johannisberg
  •  Stainless steel
  •  0.0%
  •  5.7 g/L
  •  41.3 g/L
  •  750 ml