What Summer Should Be

No rain!  What a perfect summer’s day with sunshine, puffy clouds and a light breeze.  What should you do with such a day?  Enjoy it in a heavenly place surrounded by nature and good friends.  What else should be part of the mix?  How about some great food, some delicious wines and live music?  Welcome to the memory of the 2017 Vineland Estates Wine Club BBQ held this Sunday past.  Held among the vines of Field C (Connections) vineyard, 133 wine club members had an afternoon and evening of flowing Chardonnay, Rosé and Cabernet along with some of the most delicious food that could be found.  Chef Justin and his talented team offered everything from a table of mussels and sausage, to whole roast pig, to smoke ribs, to fresh trout and to salads that could have easily satisfied even without the proteins!  It was truly a summer feast.  And rolling over the vine tops were always the rocking tunes of “Laurel and Hulley” plus rotating musical guests.  The event could not have been any more delightful.  Guests mingled, ate, drank, wandered and even danced.  I am sure that on our planet that day, there were parties that equaled the wine club BBQ, but none were better! 🙂  The happy news is that it is an ongoing annual event.  Keep an eye out in late spring for the announcement of ticket sales – AND you must be a wine club member.  It’s one of the many benefits of belonging.  Now, you have to be sharp because it sells out fast.  Is there any wonder why?  I must now remember what special “good” I did as to deserve such perfect weather!! 🙂  Pray, enjoy, repeat!!

Cheers, David

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