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All tastings are by appointment so we can be sure to give you all the attention you deserve.
The longer you can stay, the more in-depth the experience!

Our commitment to your safety

We are committed to your safety and well being. Time will be taken before, during and after your tasting experience in order to conduct all proper cleaning measures.

Cancellation Guidelines

Late arrivals for reserved tasting may be subject to cancellation of your experience without a refund. Rescheduling a tasting last minute may not be possible depending on volume of bookings.
$50 cancellation fee per group.
24 hours notice required to cancel without charge.

Tastings Available Thursday - Sunday
Monday - Wednesday (very limited)

• All tasting experiences are by reservation only and are based on availability
• Maximum of 4 guests per booking and do not have to be within your household
• No Ultimate Experience / Tours available at this time
• Tastings are per individual. No sharing please!
• No substitution will be permitted for any wine promotion
• Please allow 48 hours for a reply to your booking request

Choose your tasting experience

Classic Tasting Experience

$24 per person, taxes and gratuity included
(complimentary to Wine Club Members)

Enjoy a fun and professional “snap-shot” of the wines that have made Vineland Estates Winery a favourite for so many. Three featured wines will be presented in this fifteen minute guided tasting and a special retail value-add for take-home will be available to all that participate. If time is not a luxury for you then this is a great way to start to get to know us.

Duration: 15 minutes
Times available: 11:00am – 3:30pm in half hour intervals

Tailored tasting experience

$49 per person, taxes and gratuity included
($39 for Wine Club Members)

If it’s time to sit for a short spell and begin to absorb the feel and positive energy of Vineland Estates Winery, then this 40-45 minute tasting experience is for you. We want you to have a relaxed time of fun and discovery as we tailor the six wines tasted from the choices you make from our featured list. You may choose to go deep within a wine varietal that you love or perhaps experience an exploration of wines unknown. You choose. Come to leisurely learn and fall in love with a place, its wines, the people and perhaps most memorably, the hospitality.

Duration: 40 minutes
Times available: 11:00am – 3:00pm booked on the hour, every hour

Premium Tailored Tasting Experience

$59 per person, taxes and gratuity included
($49 for Wine Club Members)

This ultra-tailored experience is very much like tasting above but it allows you to enjoy six of our best wines in the 40-45 minute adventure. Again, you get to choose from a selection of wines that goes right to the top. With your time here you can create with our concierge, a tasting that will showcase the amazing terroir of our St Urban and Bo-Teek vineyards. The more precious our wines, the more specific we are as to where the grapes were grown. You may learn about, and taste the difference place makes to any wine. Let us help and amaze you.

Duration: 40 minutes
Times available: 11:00am – 3:00pm booked on the hour, every hour

Ultimate Tasting Winery Visit

$125 per person, taxes and gratuity included
($99 for Wine Club Members)

Are you ready to take a two hour journey of delight and discovery with your own personal wine concierge?
This is the ultimate way that we like to present Vineland Estates Winery – no rush and every detail is meaningful and in-depth. This is a very personal discovery of our wines, and our senior ambassadors who conduct these ultimate tastings are ready to share all of the inside stories. We have time!
In the middle of your bespoke, seven wine journey (accompanied with artisanal cheeses), you will have the opportunity to enjoy a sparkling wine “refresher” as you embark on a relaxing and informative vineyard walk with your guide. It will all come together as you see and feel the land beneath your feet. Plus, you never know who you might just happen to come across in the vineyard. This Ultimate Tasting Winery Visit is meant to give you the time to really appreciate the complexities and magic of grape growing and winemaking. Each special guest receives a gift of wine and you even get to receive an extra bottle of your choice if you choose to take some of the wines home with you. With these two hours, we’ll make your day trip to wine country completely worth it. We look forward to spending quality time with you.

Duration: 90 minutes
Times available: 11:00am, 1:00pm, 3:00pm

a unique experience


Book your Eco Wine Tour Today!


Trek and Taste with our partner Owen Bjorgan, from Owen’s Hiking and Adventures!
Hike, Taste and Explore along the Bruce Trail that stretches along our iconic St. Urban Vineyard and witness first hand, our vineyards coming to life as you taste the wines standing on the soil from which they came. Owen will unlock some of the natural mysteries of our terroir and surrounding landscape explaining the unique “escarpment affect”. Receive a new insight into our special place and how the land influences the wines we make! This is an extraordinary experience you won’t want to miss!!!

$80.00 – minimum charge for up to 2 people
$90.00 – for 3 people
$100.00 – for 4 people
Additional hikers over 4 people – $15.00 per additional person
Duration: approx. 60 minutes

Available Booking Times:  JULY – AUGUST
Monday – Friday – 11am – 4pm

Available Booking Times:  SEPTEMBER – JUNE
Monday – Friday – 4:30pm
Weekends Flexible
All bookings are based on availability    |    A reservation is required in advance.