Wine Club Brings their Boots

On Saturday we held our 15th Bring Your Boots Vineyard tour.  56 members from our wine club joined us for coffee and fresh pastries at 9:30am. Following we headed out into the vineyards just after 10am – glasses charged with Elevation Riesling!  Now, we had to search the St Urban Vineyard to find Brian, our winemaker.  Since dawn he had been on the tractor working up the soil and mechanically removing weeds.  Suddenly, there was a puff of dust and we knew just where to find him.  When the door to the tractor swung open, Shadow emerged….no not a silhouette absence of light, but Brian’s new black doodle, doodle dog!  Good thing Shadow is small or that tractor cab would be pretty packed!  Still, he is growing!  🙂  We spoke to the group of how the last two mild winters have been beneficial to the vines.  Our 52,000 new vines (replacing the ones killed by the brutal winters of 2014 and 2015) are doing well.  Even the heavy rain we experienced this spring helped to beneficially bring the water tables up.  We are already looking forward and feeling optimistic about this season and harvest.  What?  Optimistic farmers?  You just have to be optimistic to stay in this business!  🙂  We also showed 3 “pre-release” wines from the 2016 harvest: Rosé, Pinot Meunier and Pinot Blanc.  Even though they were only just bottled, each wine showed beautifully.  The crowd loved them and pressed for release dates – soon.  In fact, they were so enthusiastic that they competed hard for a few prize bottles.  We had also brought out two Canadian cheeses – a 4 year old cheddar and a Lancaster “Gouda” from the Ottawa Valley.  Both very different.  We asked everyone to try both cheeses and decide which cheese paired best with the new Pinot Meunier.  The most eloquent description was to win.  Well, so many were so passionate that we had to award multiple prizes!!  We love that great enthusiasm from our wine club family!

Cheers, David

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